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Near Miss Station with Suggestion Box - 600x450mm 10mm foam pvc

Near Miss Station with Suggestion Box - 600x450mm 10mm foam pvc

Captain Safety

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Our products are manufactured the highest specification by Caledonia Signs, one of the UK's largest manufacturers, stockists and suppliers of safety signs.

Many cheaper options do not use the standard symbols and are made from inferior materials that are not flame retardent.

How to choose the right size

Many factors can Influence someone's ability to read a sign, which are covered in BS ISO 3864-1. The distance a person will be required to view the sign, the angle they are viewing , lighting, and even if they have impaired vision. Signs also have to be visible and not stuck behind furniture and doors.

Safety sign size guide

Landscape sizes

G 300 x 100mm, L 450x 150mm, M 600 x 200mm

Portrait sizes

G 100 x 300mm, L 150 x 450mm, M 200 x 600mm

 The chart above may offer some guidance, but you should consult BS ISO 3864-1 for more definitive information.

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Material (Size)

Take a proactive approach to improving site safety and ensure that all near misses and incidents are recorded and actioned upon with this 600x450mm station on 10mm foam PVC board. Includes a suggestion box to store and display near miss tags (56688 - sold separately). Box hooks on/off the board to allow retrieval of contents via a sliding door at the rear of the box.

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